Systems & Support

Field Support Manager

When you need a helping hand, the ULTIMATE DRIVERS FSM is always nearby and ready to assist. Fully trained in the critical aspects of our business, he assists the franchise principals with office and classroom training, field training, and operations best practices. The FSM is the company communications specialist, and part of his mandate is to make sure critical programs are understood by the school operators.

Online Student Centre

ULTIMATE DRIVERS boasts one of the most user-friendly student information portals in the industry. This information centre is exclusive to our company. Customers are given a password that allows them to go to our web site and collect proprietary driving instructors information, lesson schedules, their road test scores and get a quick view of how they're progressing through their courses.

Web Site Marketing

Our web site drives business to our franchisees. While visiting, driving lesson prospects can select courses, find out all details needed, and register online. Each franchisee has their own section on the site, and can change their community promotions at will. All special offers are preloaded, and give an operator control over what clients will see in his or her marketplace. The built in electronic marketing program is effective, but best of all, it comes at no charge to our school operators.

Computer Administration Support

Our customized computer software program not only simplifies your accounting obligations, it takes the guesswork out of running a successful driving school. It also allows you to audit an instructor's activity schedule and the progress of any student. At anytime, a password holding franchisee can locate important administrative details, including balances owed by students.

Custom Training & Course Development

ULTIMATE DRIVERS is one of the few driving schools with their own proprietary course outline. Our program was developed in house and in concert with other industry experts and consultants. It exceeds the course guidelines as recommended by the MTO. This means that you are offering something unique and best of all, it's not easily duplicated by rival schools. Our online course modules make student training available 24 a day, 365 days a year.

Community Marketing

You are not alone when it comes to marketing your business. ULTIMATE DRIVERS has produced a Community Marketing Manual geared for even the smallest communities. Inside the manual you will find ideas, methods, and proven tracks for raising your profile and getting your phone to ring. In addition, all the company marketing elements are online and available for quick download.