The industry Leader

Many of us learned to drive from a parent or older sibling. Unfortunately, some of those lessons had mixed results. Like most problem areas, there soon became a need for organization, standards, rules and legislation. From this eventuality, the professional, modern driving school soon emerged.

To fill a growing market need, numerous independent operations sprang up. Many were unimaginative and low budget offerings with little or no awareness, professionalism, or community presence. The lack of these important attributes has generally curtailed the growth prospects for this type of self-determined operator. Industry leaders like ULTIMATE DRIVERS recognized a niche, and moved to fill it with franchised locations.

Driving lesson customers have shown a strong preference to do business with organizations that are safe, professional and meet all legislation requirements. There is a constant and strong need for the product. Community members also tend to support driving schools located within their boundaries. Since it's inception, professional school instruction continues to be the preferred method of driver training.

Obtaining a driver's license continues to be an important 'rite of passage' for students. More often than not, it will be by way of a paid course. Today's modern facility makes it possible for family members of all income levels to obtain these needed services, and not just middle to upper income families.

The industry is growing, and needs qualified professionals to help meet the demand. From available history, driving school franchises are in the best position to accomplish this.

First of all, the whole course with ultimate drivers pays off, you learn a lot of things which you will need to use while driving. Finally, i just passed the G2 road test today on my first time!

ivan c.