Our Story

In Canada, poor weather conditions, dangerous roads and faulty vehicles are not responsible for the majority of young deaths or injuries on Canadian highways. Most youth related accidents are caused by poor driving habits, lack of skill, or lack of awareness. In every community across the country, young drivers are killed or seriously injured in preventable car accidents.

Since 1993, the ULTIMATE DRIVERS of Canada principals have shown their commitment to creating safer driving conditions (for all motorists) through exceptional driver training and instruction. Driving lessons from ULTIMATE DRIVERS are a onetime investment for a lifetime of safety.

An ULTIMATE DRIVERS franchise operation is part school classroom and part field training. Students receive both. After many years of trial and error, the company has developed a system that allows for continual student intake, completely serviced with a minimum number of staff members. Many of our franchises are family businesses with an important role for all members.

The Ideals
  • The promotion of exceptional driving school industry ethics
  • Complete adherence to government legislation
  • To be receptive to the concerns of our driving school franchisees
  • Sustaining and associating with other safety groups
Best of all, an ULTIMATE DRIVERS
Centre is a profit centre.

A quick review of our PROFORMA will help convince you of that.

In addition to providing meaningful and practical skills to improve driving skills, we also subscribe to the mentioned ideals.

At ULTIMATE DRIVERS we meet the future builders of our country on a daily basis. Our job is to help them arrive safely. Our focus is local, and we strive to be a part of the communities that our operators live and work in. When possible, we participate in community events to raise our profile but, most importantly, show the community that we care.

First of all, the whole course with ultimate drivers pays off, you learn a lot of things which you will need to use while driving. Finally, i just passed the G2 road test today on my first time!

ivan c.